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A Good Crow's Guide to Murder - Meg Mader

A Good Crow's Guide to Murder - Meg Mader

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A reimagined book cover for 'A Good Crow's Guide to Murder' by Holly Jackson.

This A3 illustrative artwork has been created for a book mash-up series.
Did you know a group of crows is called ‘a murder’? I used this for my inspiration and think if this book had a cast of feathered characters the blurb might sound something like this:
In the small town of Little Crowville, where everyone knows everyone else's business, a shocking murder case shakes the community of crows to its core. Five years ago, high school senior Andie Bird was killed, and her boyfriend Sal Crow was suspected and then committed suicide, leaving behind a note proclaiming his guilt. But now, Pippa Fitz-Crowbi, a curious and determined teenage sleuth, is reopening the case for her senior project. With the help of Sal's younger brother, Ravi Crow, Pippa dives deep into the past, uncovering secrets and lies that point to a much more complicated and sinister truth. As the body count rises and danger closes in, Pippa must use all her wits to solve the case and stay alive. A Good Crow's Guide to Murder is a riveting and twisty thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. Follow Pippa and the murder of crows as they unravel the mystery and bring justice to their feathered community.

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