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And Then There Were None - Meg Mader

And Then There Were None - Meg Mader

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A reimagined book cover for 'And Then There Were None' by Agatha Christie.

This A3 illustrative artwork has been created for a book mash-up series. Painted in Winsor and Newton gouache and on 300gsm Fabriano watercolour paper and framed in a black frame with black mat by Up in Frames.
If the story was about a killer cat and a mansion full of mice, the blurb might sound something like this:
"And Then There Were None" is a thrilling mystery novel by Agatha Christie, with a feline twist. Ten unsuspecting mice are invited to an isolated island mansion by a mysterious cat host, who is nowhere to be found upon their arrival. As they settle in, they realize that they have all been accused of stealing cheese from the cat's secret stash, and one by one, they start to disappear in accordance with the nursery rhyme "Ten Little Mice". With no way to escape and no one to trust, the remaining mice must work together to uncover the identity of the killer cat before they all fall prey to its claws. Full of whisker-twitching twists and turns, this classic novel will keep you on the edge of your mouse hole until the very end.

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