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Fifty Shades of Pink - Meg Mader

Fifty Shades of Pink - Meg Mader

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A reimagined book cover for 'Fifty Shades of Pink' by E L James.

This A3 illustrative artwork has been created for a book mash-up series. Painted in Winsor and Newton gouache and on 300gsm Fabriano watercolour paper and framed in a black frame with black mat by Up in Frames.
If this book had a cast of swine characters the blurb might sound something like this:
Fifty Shades of Pink by E.L. James is a whimsical and charming tale that follows the unlikely love story of two pigs, Anastasia Piglet and Christian Pink. Christian, a wealthy and successful pig, has an unusual obsession with the colour pink. He wears pink suits and ties, eats pink marshmallows and musk sticks, and collects fluffy pink toys and pompoms. When Anastasia, a shy and innocent piglet, enters his life, Christian is immediately drawn to her sweet nature and finds himself wanting to introduce her to his unconventional tastes. As their relationship deepens, Anastasia discovers a world of pleasure she never knew existed, but also learns of the secrets that Christian has been keeping hidden. Will their love be able to overcome their differences? Filled with humour, romance, and a dash of pink, Fifty Shades of Pink is a delightful read that will leave you smiling.

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