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The Da Vinci Cat - Meg Mader

The Da Vinci Cat - Meg Mader

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A reimagined book cover for ‘The Da Vinci Code’ a novel by Dan Brown.

This A3 illustrative artwork has been created for a book mash-up series. Painted in Winsor and Newton gouache and on 300gsm Fabriano watercolour paper and framed in a black frame with black mat by Up in Frames.
If this book had a cast of feline characters the blurb might sound something like this:
Robert Clawgdon, a Harvard professor of feline symbology, and Sophie Whiskers, a French cryptofeline, uncover a conspiracy involving the Holy Catnip and the true nature of the relationship between Jeebus Cat and Mary Magdalenpurr.
The book begins with the mysterious disappearance of Jacques Saunière, the curator of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Before his disappearance, Saunière leaves a series of clues for Clawgdon and Whiskers to follow, which lead them on a chase across Europe as they try to uncover the secrets of the Priory of Siamese, a secret society that has protected the Catnip for centuries.
Along the way, Clawgdon and Whiskers are pursued by a mysterious organisation known as Opurrs Dei, as well as a fanatical Catholic monk named Silaspaws, who is willing to do anything to protect the Church's secrets. As they get closer to the truth, Clawgdon and Whiskers discover a shocking secret that could change the course of feline history.

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