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The Doggy Wears Prada - Meg Mader

The Doggy Wears Prada - Meg Mader

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A reimagined book cover for 'The Doggy Wears Prada' by Lauren Weisberger.

This A3 illustrative artwork has been created for a book mash-up series.
If this book had a cast of canine characters the blurb might sound something like this:
In the fast-paced and paw-some world of high fashion, Andrea Pugsley finds herself in the clutches of the industry's most ferocious fashionista in "The Doggy Wears Prada." Fresh out of obedience school, Andrea, a lovable yet perpetually messy pug, lands a dream job as the assistant to the legendary Miranda Pawstley, editor-in-chief of the prestigious Barkway magazine. But what initially seems like a walk in the park quickly turns into a whirlwind of canine chaos.
As Andrea tries to navigate her way through this dog-eat-dog world, she discovers that fitting in is no easy task. Miranda, a stylish and demanding Afghan Hound, expects nothing short of paw-fection from her assistant. From fetching coffee and finding the latest doggy couture to organizing dog park meet-ups, Andrea is pushed to her limits, struggling to balance her own quirky personality with the pristine image demanded by the fashion elite.
Surrounded by a pack of fashion-forward colleagues, Andrea finds herself torn between loyalty to her fellow canine coworkers and her own personal life. The pressure to conform and meet Miranda's im-paws-ible standards forces Andrea to question her true identity. Can a messy pug ever truly belong in the world of chic chihuahuas and sophisticated spaniels?
"The Doggy Wears Prada" is a delightful and tail-wagging tale that peels back the glamorous veneer of the fashion world, revealing the chewed-up shoes and the ruff reality behind the scenes. Author Lauren Weisberger brilliantly captures the universal themes of self-acceptance and finding one's place, even when it feels like you're the odd pup out. With humor and heart, this enchanting book invites readers into a world where fashion reigns supreme and messy pugs can dare to dream big.

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