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We're not in Kansas by Stu Nankivell

We're not in Kansas by Stu Nankivell

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‘We're not in Kansas’ 

This artwork contains an augmented reality animation by Blue Goanna Digital. Simply download the Artivive app then scan the painting to see it come to life.

An interpretation of the September 28th 2016 tornado outbreak - one of the most significant weather events in South Australia’s recorded history.
On this day, there were four recorded tornadoes, including the infamous Multi-Vortex Blyth Tornado that started as a violent supercell, hitting Snowtown with destructive winds and tennis ball sized hail, before intensifying and hitting Blyth directly.
The painting is inspired by my witnessing of the funnel through the hills of Armagh; looking on in disbelief as I was travelling to Blyth with the family to take our daughters to ballet. Despite having endured a supercell on Yorke Peninsula in the early 90s, I honestly never thought in my lifetime I would be witnessing a high EF 2-3 ripping though our state’s mid north. digital artwork print combining Lloyd the Bartender from The Shining with Admiral Ackbar from Return of the Jedi.

Artist quality acrylic on canvas.

Note: this artwork is currently at the Duke of Brunswick for the month of August for the SALA Festival. If purchasing, your artwork can be collected or delivered from 1st September or contact us for other arrangements.

Canvas size 122cm x 61cm.

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